[News] Nicolas Jaar Forms Clown & Sunset Aesthetic

American-Chilean musician Nicolas Jaar has formed a brand new, music-oriented company called Clown & Sunset Aesthetic. The first product to come from the company will be an object called The Prism, which, while sounding like a bad sci-fi horror movie from the '80s, is actually quite an interesting concept. The website describes the cube as a means to elevate and alter the shared listening experience in a unique way, being that it contains Jaar's music, as well as the music of other artists, along with two headphone ports, with the one that is not in use emitting a beam of light. It is an ambitious creation, and with a planned shipping date of April, it won't be long until we find out if it works. For now, though, you can watch the teaser video for the product above.

The Prism ships sometime in April, most likely near the end of the month, and is available to pre-order at the cost of $40 via the Clown & Sunset Aesthetic website.