[Interview] Teen Daze Talks Fans, the Blogosphere, Touring and Gives Advice for Up and Coming Artists (Part Two)

Vancouver native Jamison came from humble beginnings in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, a beginning which eventually led to studying abroad and a broadening view of the world. Through the absorption of books and knowledge, Jamison came to better understand the world around him, and music became the outlet for this influx of experience and insight. These lifelong influences and a passion for music that came to fruition early on in his life led to the creation of the Teen Daze project, a project that has since flourished. With numerous EPs under his belt, Teen Daze has dabbled in various aspects of the electronic realm, but with his forthcoming debut LP, the solo artist has refined his sound into a cohesive and ultimately more powerful and evocative way. All Of Us, Together is his most ambitious project yet, and it is clear that the album will come to define his rising career.

Teen Daze is gearing up to release All Of Us, Together on May 22nd via San Francisco record label Lefse, and, with a European tour set to start next week, the musician took the time to chat with me over the phone for a fantastic hour long conversation. During the second half of the interview, Teen Daze and I discussed how important fans, the blogosphere and how beneficial it is for bloggers and artists to work together, as well as giving advice to up and coming artists out there. You can listen to the 25-minute second half of my interview with Teen Daze below, and head here to listen to the first half in its entirety.