[Listen] Richard Hawley - "Leave Your Body Behind You"

Following up his 2009 release, Truelove's Gutter, Sheffield legend Richard Hawley is back with a new single, "Leave Your Body Behind You" from his upcoming seventh solo studio album Standing At The Sky's Edge, which is out on May 7th. The single, which was inspired by the grief felt at the pasing of some of his friends, encourages us to accept how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things and to try to make the most of what we have. Hawley says of the song, “So much damage has been done to this world by people who get all their knowledge from one book – be it The Bible or whatever.” He added, “If we could just allow ourselves to be liberated by the fact that this is our only time here, we could just get on with what really matters. I really think we could have put a man on the moon 1,000 years ago if we accepted that.”

The track is a bit of a departure from the typical Hawley record, bringing elements of psychedellic almost spacey kind of rock, that still manage to remain no less stunning than any of his previous work. Folks in the UK will be able to grab the track on April 2nd as a digital download, followed by a 10" vinyl version that will be paried with another new track, "You Haunt Me" for Record Store Day and in addition will be his first release for the Richard Hawley Singles Club. You can learn more about the singles club over on his website. The two-track download will also be available on May 7th.

Hawley will be performing on June 8th at London HMV Forum as well as headlining that Sunday night (6/10) at the No Direction Home Festival all. He'll also be playing the main stage at Latitude Festival on Saturday July 14th.