[Listen] Grimes Side Project Membrain

Chances are you may still have Grimes' Visions on heavy play in you iTunes and rightly so, it's a great listen Today though Pitchfork point towards a side project from Grimes and Tim Lafontaine of experimental Canadian act Cop Car Bonfire called Membrain. The music sound great with its drones and bleeps galore but Grimes took to Twitter yesterday to state: "it's really a live thing.. and, membrain is like 90 % Tim i.e. cop car bonfire -- i just do vocals for him but he's the genius...Membrain is also basically a live improv drone techno act - so its really hard 2 get it from recordings." With that in mind give the track "Airic" a listen below or jump over to Soundcloud to listen to a load more tracks including one called "Grime", funnily enough.