[News] Air France Call It Quits

Swedish pop duo Air France have taken to their Tumblr to announce that the band is no more. Frowny face. The duo comprising of Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt posted an expert titled "We’ll make this brief, because it hurts too much" in which they thank the people that made everything they achieved possible."During the first year of Air France, somewhere in the middle of the last decade, everything seemed to come so easily" it reads before going on to say they got to play all the "places on that big map we had dreamt about. We got to play records at the Rough Trade store in London, we went to the Red Square, we woke up on Iceland during a volcanic eruption, we drank beer at the cliffs of the Niagara" before turning to the fact that after releasing 2008′s No Way Down EP they found it hard to finish anything: "We’ve never been able to finish anything, nothing was ever good enough. We have tried so hard, and we truly gave it everything we had. And now we have decided to stop trying, even though it breaks our hearts. But for all the reasons mentioned above, and for a thousand more, we don’t regret a thing." 

It's not all doom and gloom though "We wish we could thank all the people who has helped and inspired us...Goodbye for now. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you again in another shape. After all, we’re people that never stop dreaming." So, let's hope they don't stop dreaming and that one day we get a reincarnation of what once was Air France.