[News] The Flaming Lips To Use Blood From Neon Indian, Prefuse 73, Ke$ha, And Others For RSD Release Packaging

As we reported last week, The Flaming Lips are gearing up for some pretty cool releases for this year's Record Store Day. Today we have learned that the ever-eccentric band is going one step further and doing an extremely limited pressing of both head scratching and nausea-inducing proportions. NME is reporting that the band revealed that they will be using the blood of some of the contributors for The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends. Lead singer Wayne Coyne told MTV Hive, "What I'm going to try to do - and I'm collecting stuff for it as we speak - is I'm going to try to make a record that has every person's blood in the record. I don’t have everybody’s blood just yet, but I collected quite a few vials of blood and it’s actually sitting in my refrigerator as we speak..I’m going to try to take that same concept and put little bits of everybody’s blood in the middle of this record. Like a glass specimen thing.” While the band hasn't unveiled all of the contributors that he will be collecting specimen from, as Pitchfork points that Flaming Lips fan site Psych Explorations of the Future Heart are keeping tabs on possible blood donors which include Prefuse 73, Ke$ha, and Neon Indian.

If you're worried about whether or not your copy of The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends will be blood-ridden or not, according to Coyne there will probably only be five or six of the blood records made and will likely be bought by, "interested rich Flaming Lips people" as Coyne put it.

This is not the first time Coyne has used blood in the band's art. Remember the ACL posters he made with his own blood? I've gotta hand it to The Flaming Lips, while this blood vinyl deal grosses me out a bit, I'm not desensitized to the whole thing because they've done plenty of other crazy things before this.