[Listen] Cage - "The Void" Feat. Sherry St. Germain (Prod. By DJ Mighty Mi)

Our good pals over at Prefix just debuted the first single "The Void" from Cage's upcoming EP Illuminated: Kill The Architect, his first release since 2009's Depart From Me. The new EP/Single also reunites Cage with former Smut Peddlers partner/Movies For The Blind producer DJ Mighty Mi since their beef back in the early 2000's.

"The Void" departs from the classic hip hop sound, that the two created years ago and presents a more modern Dub(Bro)step sound, which Cage stated on his Facebook would be the only song on the album in this style. However, aside from the production, Cage is still on point with his rhymes which feel very reminscient to his last two albums (Hells Winter, Depart From Me) and the track also feature Sherry St. Germain on the hook which gives it an overall modern feeling. For those who are classic Cage fans, don't worry. Mr. Palko is also working on a 2nd EP titled The Cutting Room Floor and from what we heard with the first preview of the EP, "Super Baked", you will be happy to hear "Alex The Worm King" has returned.

Take a listen to "The Void" below (with the awesome artwork by Alex Pardee above) and pick it up when it drops on Tuesday, April 3 via Tribute Recordings.