[SKOA Premiere] Bedroom - "Falling"

In mid-February, we premiered a new EP from an up and coming artist from Nashville, Tennessee. His music is the kind that can catch your attention immediately, conjuring images and memories of childhood simplicity, the sort of audible trigger that makes you remember the days of adolescence, playing in the backyard, and running around with your friends. It's a unique talent to have, and Bedroom, the solo project of 16-year-old Noah Kittinger, doled it out with a refreshingly humble attitude in his Toys EP.

Now, fresh off the release of the EP and with a newfound buzz surrounding his music, as well as having his song "You'll See" on the latest edition of the Some Kind of Mixtape series, Bedroom is back with a brand new track titled "Falling." Unlike his previous work on the Toys EP, which despite being written in a time depression were quite blissful in their execution, the subject matter of "Falling" is fully befitting to the instrumentation surrounding it. The lyrics of the song are described by Kittinger as being "about someone really close to me who is slowly messing up," going further to say, "he/she is "Falling."" It is a touching song that delves into the emotional core of Kittinger, which not only comes through in lyrics but also in the atmospheric instrumentation. The result is a beautifully melancholic and alluring song that evokes distance and loss, all the while carrying a sense of hope. With that said, Some Kind of Awesome is once again proud to premiere Bedroom's work. "Falling" is available to stream and download below.

Head here to purchase Bedroom's Toys EP, and make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.