[Watch] 1,2,3 Needs New Wheels (Kickstarter Video)

SKOA favorites 1,2,3 need your help! As of recently, the band has been unable to make it out to shows because their van has been breaking down on them pretty consistently. Like most bands on the up and up, while they have the ability to melt your face off live, they lack the funds to replace their craptastic van.

This is where us fans come in. The band has taken to Kickstarter to raise the $10,000 needed for a new van. Supporters can receive anywhere from t-shirts or limited edition 7"s for their donations up to lifetime guestlisting at their shows or even a private performance at your house/party.

For those of you that came out to our 6DB CMJ Showcase and got to see the band for yourself, you know that these guys put their all into their music in addition to being really chill dudes, so even if you can only contribute $1 towards their cause, please do.