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[Listen] Manicanparty - "Monarch"

One month ago, Brooklyn duo Manicanparty came out of nowhere with their expansive, captivating debut single "Rebels In The Light." What made the song so fantastic, and so deserving of the praise it has received, was that in no way did it feel forced, it simply offered an engrossing, sprawling package and left the rest to the listener. Optimistic chants fill the background, pounding drums and subtle percussion rise to a crescendo, all the while lead singer Jess Corazza's vocals drive the song along with beautiful ease. Simply put, "Rebels In The Light" stood out immediately, and it comes as no surprise that the next song from the Brooklyn act is equally is sublime.

"Monarch" is the second single from the band's forthcoming debut self-titled EP, which is set for release in late spring/early summer. The song starts off with playful, childlike strikes on a xylophone before exploding with percussion and guitar riffs. From there, Corazza's vocals once again drive the song forward, with her captivating range melding seamlessly with the instrumentation. Give it a listen below.

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