[Watch] Jack White - "Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy" x "Ball and a Biscuit" Live on Later... with Jools Holland

Last night the second part of the Later... with Jools Holland was broadcast on BBC and for our viewing pleasure we got to see more performances from Jack White, Alabama Shakes and Norah Jones. First up for you to enjoy is a man that needs no introduction. We already saw him perform "Sixteen Saltines" and "Freedom at 21" earlier in the week and last night adding to those Jack performed "Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy" and The White Stripes track "Ball and a Biscuit". I only just noticed this week but Jack's customised his pedal board once more to coincide with the aesthetic of the band he's in, making all of his pedals a wonderful blue colour. Damn it's sexy.

Check out his Blunderbuss track at the top with his White Stripes rendition along with an interview and some impromptu piano playing with Jools after the jump. We'll have the Norah and Alabama Shakes video up shortly too.