[Watch] Rufus Wainwright - "Out Of The Game" (Official Video)

NYC chanteur extraordinare Rufus Wainwright enlists actress Helena Bonham Carter in his video for his single, "Out Of The Game", from his upcoming album of the same namem which drops on May 1st in the US (April 24th in Canada) via Decca. In the video the well seasoned actress plays a librarian that is forced to put up with the many... interesting people... that hang out at the library, which are all hilariously played by Wainwright. I think my favorite of the Wainwright characters is the alcoholic lady. I love the man, but I am glad that he is not a lady, if you know what I mean.

While you're waiting for Out Of The Game to drop, if you are a gifted remixer you can enter his curent contest for a chance to win $1,000, an autographed vinyl copy of the album and a deluxe edition of the album - all for submitting a remix of "Bitter Tears". Entries for the remix contest must be in by April 10th, so head over to his official website for more information.