[News] Former RHCP Guitarist John Frusciante Returns With New Solo EP, Letur-Lefr

You know what's even better than today being friday? Waking up to the news that JOHN FRUSCIANTE IS RELEASING A NEW SOLO RECORD THIS SUMMER!! Sorry, if I could type this whole post in all caps I would but you guys would be annoyed and I'd feel like I was ranting like Kanye. But anyhow, our good friends over at Invisible-Movement.net (The best website for all John Frusciante news) announced earlier today that the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist is set to release a new EP titled Letur-Lefr this summer. This marks John's first solo release since 2009's album The Empyrean.

Frusciante fans have been waiting a long time for this news (me especially) after all the rumors from friends around the guitarist like RZA, The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (who has an awesome new album out by the way, which he released yesterday) and Share Watson aka Truth Hurts hinted that John was back in the studio working on new music and had about 300-400 unedited songs in the bag. Finally, we get news of a new release is on the way. Ahhhh I'm all over the place with excitement on this one! Like his previous albums, Letur-Lefr is set to be released via Record Collection Music. UPDATE: The new EP will contain five new songs and it will be released the week of July 9th in multiple formats (including cassette!) worldwide.

Tune into Invisible-Movement.net and SKoA for more information as it comes. NOW GO LISTEN TO ANY JOHN FRUSCIANTE SOLO RECORD YOU CAN FIND! I know most of you got Spotify! I recommend listening to To Record Water For Only Ten Days.