[Dot to Dot Preview] Pulled Apart By Horses

As we've mentioned, the wonderful Dot to Dot Festival will be taking place in three locations over the coming bank holiday weekend in the UK. It will see a flurry of bands take to the stage across the three cities and we're going to give you some recommendations as to who we will most definitely be checking out. It's going to be loud.

First up we have a favourite of ours, Pulled Apart by Horses. The Leeds band have gone from strength to strength since releasing their self-titled debut back in 2010 and then arlier this year they released the stellar follow up, Tough Love. In a live setting these guys just tear the roof off. More energy than a shipment of Red Bull and enough riffs to have your ears ringing for days. 

The band will headline Bristol's Trinity on the 2nd of June, Nottingham's Jongleurs on the Sunday, June 3rd. They'll finally finish up the weekend in Manchester on Monday in Sound Control's Loft. For an idea of what you could be in for, check out a video of them performing "Wolf Hand" live earlier in the month at the top via Noisey. After that, jump over here for more info and to purchase tickets