[Listen] Lemaitre - "Splitting Colors," "Time To Realize" & "Keep Close"

Leading up to the May 25th release of their brand new EP Relativity 2, Oslo electropop duo Lemaitre began building up the hype by dropping a new track every couple of days or so. Last week, they let loose both "Time To Realize" and "Keep Close," and yesterday they delivered once again with the stream of "Splitting Colors." Each song they create is a funk-infused electronic gem, with catchy beats and fantastic production delivering an always excellent sound. The Relativity 2 EP is a great example of why this duo deserves some attention.

Below, you can stream "Splitting Colors," "Time To Realize" and "Keep Close," which along with "Steady State" and "Appreciate" (Uppermost Remix) comprise the Relativity 2 EP. You can grab the EP now on iTunes.