[Listen] Baroness - "March to the Sea" x "Take My Bones"

Occasionally you stumble cross an album by mistake, a track here and there is also quite common. With Baroness I was sat late at night on my phone in a darkened room when Daniel P Carter of the Radio One Rock show tweeted a pic of an album cover he thought was the best he'd heard in ages. He'd previously turned me onto the likes of Hawk Eyes who are now one of my favourite bands. That album he'd mentioned this time was Yellow & Green, the new release from the Georgia band Baroness which is set to drop on July 17th via Reprise Records. After searching out for some tracks I came across "Take My Bones" which is a well rounded sludge wall of noise and then last night another new track titled "March to the Sea" appeared online via Pitchfork. Check out the latter on P4K and "Take My Bones" below.