[Watch] Deadmau5 - "The Veldt" (Official Video)

Deadmau5's song "The Veldt" has a much more interesting back story than most of the songs you'll find out there, and very much not what you would expect from a house DJ. The song is inspired by Ray Bradbury's famous short story The Veldt, a tale about two kids named Peter and Wendy who become enamored with virtual reality and escaping the real world. Now, UK-based Qudos Animations has brought the tale of Peter and Wendy to life in the official video for "The Veldt," which features the vocals of Chris James. Animated in the style of the fantastic Xbox 360 arcade game LIMBO, the video sees the two kids exploring the African savannah in an excellent visual representation of the dark yet innocent undertones of the story. Watch it above.

The Veldt EP is out now via mau5trap/Ultra Records.