[News] New Daft Punk Track "Renoma Street" Coming July 21st?

News has broke that new music from the legendary French Duo Daft Punk is to be released next month. French magazine Tsugi are to release a summer compilation next month. The above image shows the tracklisting and after a little research I found the below on the editor's twitter page:

Sachez le : ce hors série 4 de  est en bonne voie, le cd compil' de l'été tue, il sera bien en kiosques le 21/7

Translated it says that the new "special issue of Tsugi Mag is on track, the CD compilation 'summer kills', it will be well in the kiosks 21/7" (Pardon me if this isn't 100% correct in terms of translation but the date's hard to mess up!)

The image above lists the tracklisting and it clearly states Daft Punk and the track "Renoma Street". Watch this space for more news. Over here there's a pretty decent thread on Neogaf regarding it with more confirmation from Patrice.