[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: May 2012

Sorry we're a little late this month, friends. We've been busy working on some exciting things that we can't wait to be able to share with you in the coming months! This past month the releases really started to shine and you can see/hear it for yourself from the sweet sounds of Some Kind of Mixtape: May 2012, which just you can check out via the player below. As always, there are "liner notes" after the jump with more information on each track. You should also be following us on 8tracks so we can share mixes with each other.

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Some Kind of Mixtape - May 2012 from skoablog on 8tracks.

The Hives - "If I Had A Cent"

Everyone's favorite Swedish garage rock band return with their latest offering Lex Hives the follow up to 2007 album The Black and White Album. Although the previous album was received as more of a commercial release compared to The Hives' first 3 LPs, their newest effort takes brings the group back to excellence. Don't believe me? Take a listen to the track "If I Had A Cent" which is a downright amazing tune which could have been featured on Tyrannosaurus Hives or Veni Vidi Vicious perhaps. Lex Hives is set to release this week, take a listen to the full album stream here and make sure you pick it up and go check out a Hives live show or 3. —Rocko

Hounds - "The Wicked Witch"

Frantic dance-punks Hounds just released their new EP The Wicked today which includes the spooked out track "The Wicked Witch." Fans of Does It Offend You Yeah?, The Prodigy, Refused or Nine Inch Nails will find their nasty bass lines, eery synths and anarchic vocals totally irresistable. When you find that you can't get enough of the track, you can grab it over here. Those of you attending this year's Download Festival can catch the Essex four-piece while you're there this Friday (June 8th).  —kibbe

The Vaccines - "No Hope" (from their forthcoming sophomore LP The Vaccines Come Of Age)

The Vaccines' debut album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? was met with some underwhelming reactions from some, but I was a huge supporter and still am. The album was on of my favorites last year and has been constantly spinning since then. When the band announced that their sophomore album would be released in September, I couldn't help but be giddy as a fucking school girl. "No Hope" propelled this giddiness even further. The raucous guitars and drums meld seamlessly with the vocals, making for a catchy song that is simply enjoyable to listen to. It's also fantastic to hear that Justin Young is experimenting with his vocal style, expanding on the limited range he delivered on the band's first album. September 4th can't come soon enough. —Adrian

Yeasayer - "Henrietta" (from their forthcoming LP Fragrant World)

From day one, the psychedelic stylings of Yeasayer have had me hooked, and for five years, All Hour Cymbals and Odd Blood have been consistent go-to albums. "Henrietta" is no different. The moment that I heard the song I was in a state of bliss, mesmerized by its many sounds. At first, it is immediately reminiscent of Ratatat's LP3 (which is no way a bad thing), but goes further to evoke the groovy and eccentric sounds of Odd Blood before slowing down and capturing the psychedelic simplicity of All Hour Cymbals. It not only captures what made the first two Yeasayer albums so great, but builds on it in a seamless way that comes across as anything but forced. It just works, and I can't bring myself to press stop. —Adrian

Age of Consent - "Heartbreak"

If you haven't guessed yet, I am quite the sucker for the mini-80s ressurection happening right now in the electronic realm. Bands like London duo Age of Consent give me a sense of relief that I didn't completely miss out on experiencing music like this fresh out of the box in clubs, considering I don't think it would have gone over well for a 5 year old me to roll into a nightclub dancing around to Depeche Mode in 1989. For those of you in the same boat as I am, "Heartbreak" is sure to satisfy your hunger for retro-sounding dark synthy tunes. —kibbe

Hot Sugar - "The Kid Who Drowned At Summer Camp"

For those that don't know, I like beats. Anything with a banging beat and catchy melody I'm always down to give a good listen to. One of the label's that does it best is Ninja Tune records who specialize in great instrumental music by some of the producers such as Blockhead, Amon Tobin, Mr. Scruff and more. So it only seems right for the label to release Nick Koenig better known as Hot Sugar's second EP Moon Money the follow up to 2011 debut EP Muscle Milk (which if you haven't heard it I highly suggest you do so). The melodies on this record are unreal and extremely addictive it was even hard for me to choose 1 track for it to be on this month's mixture (no kidding I changed the song like 3 times). The sound of Hot Sugar to me sound like if you were to take AIR, Ratatat and Mux Mool smash them all together, break it apart and put it back together but in a randomize pattern thats the awesome sound you'd get. I know that didn't make much sense but just give the track a listen and you'll see what I mean, then go pick up both EPs. —Rocko

Bobby Womack - "Stupid"

It's been a helluva a ride for the legendary Bobby Womack over the last 2 years. From having his career take off once again after collaborating with Damon Albarn on the last 2 Gorillaz efforts and touring with the band, linking up with Albarn once again to release his first solo effort in over 10 year and being diagnosed with colon cancer and beating it and becoming cancer free definitely qualify Womack for being the title of his newest LP, The Bravest Man In The Universe. I knew with Albarn and XL label boss Richard Russell (who produced Gil Scott Heron's last album I'm New Here) being at the helm of the production and Womack's soulful croons it was destined to be one of my favorite releases before even hearing song one. And when the first single "Please Forgive My Heart" dropped it just confirmed my expectations. Take a listen to one of my favorites from the new album "Stupid" (which introduction track features Gil Scott Heron) from the upcoming album. Then, do your ears a favor and check out the full album stream here. —Rocko

Killer Mike - "Big Beast" Feat. Bun B, T.I., and Trouble

I like to pick tracks that I feel a connection with. Or tracks I've been listening to heavily over the sat month. This month it's safe to say I've listened to Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music a hell of a lot and the album's opening track is a damn fine one. Each morning at 6am I'd roll out of bed feeling a little worse for wear and within a few seconds of the track I'd be pumped for the day. Big beats and skillful wordplay I challenge you to not to shout "pow motherfucker Pow" repeatedly after listening to it. —Shey

El-P - "The Full Retard" 

Another album I've been giving a lot of love to links in nicely to Killer Mike. It's El-P's Cancer for Cure, his reinvention if you will. His new single "The Full Retard" is a perfect introduction to an artist who has grown and changed his sound to make one  great sounding powerhouse of music. You can't not want to dance around to the entire album while getting your party on. Big respect to El-P for this track and a brilliant new album after some time away. If you haven't already picked it up, I advise you do. Hell, we like it so much we've put him on our last two mixtapes! —Shey

Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Sex Party - "Set It Off" (from his Express Yourself EP, out on June 12th)

With each of his consecutive releases, I notice that Diplo gets better and better as a producer. "Set It Off," which features Lazerdisk Sex Party, is easily one of his best yet. A slow and subtle introduction of the vocal sample "set it off" perfectly builds into the barrage of grimy synths and erratic percussion. What is even better, though, is the fantastic pacing. A well timed lull in the middle of the song leads directly into the cocking of a shotgun, which triggers the complete onslaught of synths, samples and percussion. Whether it's Major Lazer, production work for other artists, or his own music, Diplo continues to impress and show why he is one of the best producers in electronic music. —Adrian

D-WHY - "We Don't Know"

Every now and again you get an email in your inbox that makes your ears prick up and the day D-WHY arrived in mine was one of those days. The young artist is looking to have a very promising 2012 and his track "We Don't Know" is the perfect track to stick on the May Mixtape. We're all a little excited for Summer now, c'mon you can't deny it, and why should we! This track is a great soundtrack to the long summer evening and it's certainly a nice little tease of what's to come on his forthcoming mixtape, Don't Flatter Yourself. —Shey

Dent May - "Best Friend"

A song so sweet and simple as Dent May's "Best Friend" is just what you want to toss on all of your playlists as the summer (or a current relationship) starts to heat up. The Mississippi-born crooner will charm his way into your heart with his upcoming sophomore album Do Things, which is out on June 12th courtesy of Paw Tracks. —kibbe