[Download] The Helio Sequence - "October"

Portland alt-rock duo The Helio Sequence nonchalantly announced their fifth studio album Negotiations last month, and now you can hear the first track from the forthcoming effort. "October" is a sprawling myriad of rythmic guitars, bellowing vocals, and crashing percussion, a good sign of what is to come from their fifth LP. Stream and download the song below.

Negotiations is out on September 11th via Sub Pop, and check out the album's full tracklisting after the jump.


Negotiations Tracklist:
01. One More Time
02. October
03. Downward Spiral
04. The Measure
05. Hall of Mirrors
06. Harvester of Souls
07. Open Letter
08. When the Shadow Falls
09. Silence on Silence
10. December
11. Negotiations