[Watch & Listen] Matt Mahaffey (of sElf) - Lightning 100 615 Day session

Nashville's independent radio station Lightning 100 recently did a session with sElf lead singer Matt Mahaffey for their 615 Day Session series. In addition to doing some old fan favorites, Mahaffey surprised everyone by showcasing his ability to sing backwards as he did for the "Could You Love Me Now?" video he released back in September of 2010 (wow, it's really been THAT long since that single came out?). For only knowing his recorded music, this session is a pleasant little glimpse of the playfully quirkiness of one of my all time favorite songwriters/producers.

You can also check out him singing the song regularly during that session in the below video.

According to a string of posts on his Facebook page, Matt Mahaffey has been slowly chugging away towards making another sElf album in between doing a handful of solo shows, writing hundreds of songs for the new Disney show "Hugglemonsters", recording Kylie Minogue, and plenty of other projects in his Nashville-based studio Fresh Imperial.