[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Stingin' Belle" (Official Video)

After teasing us with an album trailer (which after hearing the track could have been for this very single)  just over a month ago, Biffy Clyro explode back into form with the first track from their highly anticipated double album. It's the first new track from the band since they released the highly successful 2009 album, Only Revolutions. Titled "Stingin' Belle" it's an arena rock jam starting with a heavy riff leading to a sing along chorus. A chorus that's sure to be sang right back to them in their tours to come. Note the Scottish influence with the bagpipes towards the end. 

Along with that the band announced the new title for the album after previously stating they would be called The Land At The End Of Our Toes and The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones respectively. Their sixth studio album is set to be titled Opposites. Regarding the double LP, in an interview with Zane Lowe Simon Neil said their really pushing boundaries and going "over the top" and actually "enjoy listening to" being a double album and all. He went onto say they delayed the recording of the album with Garth Richardson meaning they had 45 songs ready to go which is why they ended up with a double. Interesting. It's good to have them back. Re-listen to Zane below or check out the not so great Youtube video. The Beeb assure me the stream should be up and running smoothly very shortly below too.

Update: Today why not treat yourself to the high quality version of the track via the official video. It compiles footage of the band in LA recording before the nice tempo change towards the end sees them land back on home turf for Rockness festival. I like the way the bagpipes kick in as they arrive home. It's like a welcome parade. Check it below.