[Watch] D-WHY - "New York Times" (Trailer)

D-WHY has teased fans with even more intriguing looking visuals, and once again he's teamed up with Jakob Owens Productions who he worked with for "We Don't Know". The black and white teaser serves to be part of a short film to accompany a new track titled "New York Times" which is set to appear on D-WHY's forthcoming release, Don't Flatter Yourself. In case you're wondering that's ser to be released in little over two weeks on the 15th of August.

Knowing this guy I doubt the video will be the normal 3 minute escapade and after watching the ominous looking clip above it'll be an entertaining short-film to accompany what will no-doubt be a more than interesting track. Check out what D-WHY's teased us with already over here. We'll throw up the video as soon as it's available.