[Watch] Muse - "Unsustainable" (Video)

If you follow me personally on Twitter, or SKOA, you may have seen me tweet a link last night to a new Muse track. The track in question is the one everybody dreaded, the dubstep track they previewed in their album trailer for The 2nd Law. Yesterday evening the band took to Twitter once more and announced a pre-order for the deluxe version of their album. Pricey as it may be, it came with two exclusive videos. One was available immediately and the second is to be made available to buyers on October the 1st when the album drops. 

As a rather big Muse fan I was hesitant to firstly pre-order and secondly hear the track, "Unsustainable". Ok, so the band wanted to experiment and those of you who've seen Muse live will know Matt likes to mess around with his built in Kaoss pad and Fuzz Factory but the band making dubstep via their instruments just didn't sit too well with me. The result isn't as bad I'd expected but I'm still nervous to hear the rest of the album. From early listens some journalists have had, this seems to be the only track of this nature. We will wait to see how the rest of the album sounds when it's released in October. 

Rumours have also stated that Muse's new single "Madness" was to be given a play on Zane Lowe's show on Monday 13th of August but it appears it has now been pushed back until the 20th. We'll update you as and when we have new.