[Listen] New Songs From deadmau5 & Beck From PS3 Exclusive Title 'Sound Shapes'

Play a little....dance a little. At least that's what I picture myself doing if I owned a PS3 and could play through Sound Shapes myself. YouTuber xpantherx was kind enough to play through both the deadmau5 and Beck levels so we can finally hear the new tracks from both artists. We've all heard clips of, "Cities" at this point, but you can hear the song entirely via the video above. Admittedly, I'm not huge on "Touch The People" very much, but Beck definitely plucked away at my heartstrings with "Cities" and "Spiral Staircase". In a perfect world I'll be able to acquire these without having to put up with the added songs from the videogame, but considering that's supposed to be part of the experience I guess I can let it slide.

The deadmau5 songs from the game are pretty good, although it's hard to decide if they sound like songs that were made for a video game or just standard video game music.

Listen to Beck's "Cities" above along with "Touch The People" and "Spiral Staircase" below. Also included below are deadmau5' "Disasteroids", "Break-a-noids", and "Invaderoids".

Beck - "Touch The People"

Beck -"Spiral Staircase"

deadmau5 - "Disasteroids"

deadmau5 - "Break-a-noids"

deadmau5 - "Invaderoids"