[Watch] Muse - "Survival" Live at London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony

Last night  marked the end of the London 2012 Olympics. I must say before it all started I was indifferent, I couldn't care less about it all. Fast forward two weeks and I've been glued to the TV more than ever watching sports I didn't even know existed and getting excited about them too. Madness. The closing ceremony took place last night and featured performances from a range of British artists including The Who, Beady Eye, Queen, The Spice Girls(?!) and Muse. It was a mixed bag in all honest and I feel that Jessie J and Emile Sande got a lot more attention than other artists there and ones that could have been. Still, Muse put in a performance of their recent official single of the Olympics, "Survival". The sound mix wasn't the best but it's always good to see these guys rock a stage, even if it was just for a few minutes. 

Check out the performance at the top and look out for more from Muse in the coming months as we await the release of The 2nd Law. Thanks to the Audio Perv for the video hook-up and what's up with NBC finishing off what seems to have been awful Olympucs coverage by cutting out Muse?! 

If you missed it at the end of last week we got to hear the track "Unsustainable" from Muse. It's the one we all dreaded: the dubstep one they previewed in the album trailer.