[Listen] Ty Segall - "The Hill"

San Francisco's resident psychedelic king Ty Segall has had an incredibly busy 2012, delivering two albums in the first six months of the year alone. First was Hair, his collaborative album with White Fence, followed by Slaughterhouse, which Segall recorded with his touring band. Now, the Segall is gearing up to release another album, and this time around it's his official follow-up to last year's Goodbye Bread. Now, you can hear the first taste of the upcoming solo release Twins with the song "The Hill", which kicks off with female vocals before diving into a raucous cacophony of guitars and drums. Stream it below.

"The Hill" will be released on its own along with b-side "Mother Lemonade" on September 4th. The 7" single will be released digitally and physically, with pre-orders ready to be made here.

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