[Watch] The Flaming Lips Visit The Colbert Report

All week we've been enjoying highlights from StePhest Colbchella ’012 RocktAugustfest. We've been able to enjoy Grizzly Bear performing and having a chat with Stephen, yesterday we saw Santigold rocking the stage and last night, naturally, we got to enjoy The Flaming Lips strut their psychedelic stuff. The band performed "Ashes in the Air" from Heady Fwends, along with "Do You Realize" and "Drug Chart". As well as that the ever entertaining Colbert goes 180degrees with Wayne Coyne in a weird capsule to have a chat. Check it out at the top and after the jump courtesy of The Audio Perv.

"Ashes In The Air"

"Do You Realize"

"Drug Chart"