[Listen] Freelance Whales - "Spitting Image"

Indie pop outfit Freelance Whales have just over a month and a half until their sophomore LP Diluiva hits stores, and so far all we've had to go on was the lead single "Locked Out". Now, though, the Queens band has let loose another track from the forthcoming studio effort, the female-led cut "Spitting Image". Similar to the lead single before it, "Spitting Image" is a brash display of how the band is expanding their sound and experimenting with new styles. With bassist Doris Cellar taking on vocal duties, the song is a grandiose orchestral piece, with explosive instrumentation and a heavy dose of synthesizer infusion. It's sure as hell a departure from their previous work, but a good one at that. Here's what Cellar had to say about the song:

"It might sound poppier in a way, but also brasher and more reckless than anything we’ve done before, and certainly the rest of the record also feels shot out into a larger space. Above all of that, though, I think this song is mostly just the expression of our desire to do something more steady and rollicking." Stream "Spitting Image" below.

Diluvia is out on October 9th via Mom+Pop Music and Frenchkiss Records.