[Watch] Palma Violets - "Best of Friends" (Official Video)

I'd not heard of Palma Violets until earlier this year when I went to watch Alabama Shakes and these lads were supporting in Manchester. I was pretty impressed by their energy on stage but after the show I'd not really chased up on them, finding their Facebook etc. Probably one too many beers to fully remember to do so the next day but today it was a nice surprise to see their video for "Best of Friends" appear in my Twitter timeline. You may not of heard of them and they've only been together a matter of months but you wouldn't of guessed it from the sound they make. Treat yourself to some new music late on in the week and watch the video above which was filmed in their friends basement.

"Best of Friends" will be released on 7" via Rough Trade on the 21st of October. Alternatively you can grab it on iTunes now.

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