[Watch] Dirty Projectors' Short Film 'Hi Custodian'

Dirty Projectors have a new 20-minute short film, a project called Hi Custodian that was apparently influenced by short films such as Kanye West's Runaway and Prince's Purple Rain. Written by David Longstreth, the band's frontman, the short film was shot in SoCal last April. Each band member plays a certain role, the entirety of which encapsulates "a surreal narrative about spiritual death and rebirth". With Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle portraying various roles, including two girls from the British Midlands, Nat Baldwin as a truck driver and a newborn child, and Longstreth as a yōkai (a shapeshifting undead spirit from Japanese folklore), the short film makes for an interesting 20 minute experience.

The short film features several tracks from the band's new album Swing Lo Magellan, many of which are alternate versions or re-recordings. Included in the short film are "Offspring Are Blank", "About to Die", "Gun Has No Trigger", "See What She Seeing", "The Socialites", "Swing Lo Magellan", and "Just From Chevron", as well as numerous unreleased tracks from the Swing Lo Magellan sessions. Watch the short film above.