[Listen] K-Os - "The Dog Is Mine"

I was going to start this off by making some stupid Canada Dry joke, saying "its been a dry 2 years since we got something from Canadian emcee K-Os" but i'll save you guys from all that. What? I just said it. Fuck. Oh well... Anyways, it's been a good while since we've heard anything from Canadian rapper K-Os after release of his 4th LP Yes! back in 2009 and The Anchorman Mixtape he dropped back in 2010 (back when SKoA was just a baby) aside from him upping demos on Facebook page and deleting them later.

But today, we get our first official single from K-Os titled "The Dog Is Mine" that will be appearing on his forthcoming 5th LP dropping November 27th, which is a double LP titled BLack on BLonde. Peep the new track below.