[Watch] ML - "Way Before"

I'd like to introduce you to a young talent humbling from London that goes by the name of ML aka Mickey Lightfoot. It's also not the first port of call Mickey has made on his journey; "In my house, my parents said ‘music’s most useless subject in the class’, so they weren’t agreed on me doing that. So I focused on science instead" Lightfoot actually completed one year of Physiology and Pharmacology at Bristol University to please his family before going onto finish the degree and do a year as a Cancer Researcher in Ohio. He says it's because his personality "is such that if I start something, I have to finish it". It's a fair point and a few more people in the world could use this as a quality if you ask me.

A move to Bristol led to him falling back into music and a few promising leads, being accepted into Red Bull Music Academy, playing SXSW with the band Bubbz and the Black Notez, working with SKOA fave Jessie Ware on a video yet he didn't feel like he was truly in it: "I didn’t feel like I was making music from the heart. It was music by numbers." This leads us neatly to the present day. Taking his name from a chance meeting with a talkative elderly gentleman in Waterloo station, Mickey Lightfoot fuses together various styles of music to create a fresh sound that we are very much looking to hear more of. See his video for "Way Before" at the top and for more information check out his Facebook and Soundcloud page. On his Soundcloud page you can also check out his EP, As The Crow Flies.

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