[Watch] Scroobius Pip x Grimes - "No Nimbus"

Here at SKOA we're pretty fond of Scroobius Pip. His solo album Distraction Pieces was a triumph both musically and lyrically but since then we've not really heard too much from him. Yesterday evening that changed as he posted a video online which contained some new music. Scroob says that it came about last week (Wednesday 19th) as he was driving around in his car blasting Grimes' latest record, Visions. When "Oblivion" came on he started to think up an accompanying vocal and when he got home he wrote it, recorded it and then a few days later decided to shoot a video too with the help of a friend. In the space of 72 hours he went from nothing to the above. The result, shot on a rainy Sunday, is an entertaining visual containing not just him but a pair of puppets for Grimes' parts. Brilliant. It's titled "No Nimbus" and can be enjoyed a number of times at the top. Grab it while you can as he doesn't own the beat and it could get taken down at any moment.

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