[Listen] Christopher Owens - 'Lysandre' (Full Album Stream)

It was a sad day when Christopher Owens announced that Girls would be no more, but that sadness quickly dissipated as Owens directed his efforts towards a solo career. While the solo outing sees him exploring some new territory, fans of Girls should feel right at home in the soft, sunsoaked sounds on offer throughout Lysandre. The album is a great solo debut, to say the least, as Owens spins a tale of love and loss, with the stark honesty of his lyrics weaving in and out of beautiful upbeat instrumentation. Much of the album combines the familiar with the exotic, with songs such as "New York City" displaying a newfound curiosity in Owens. That song, for example, rather bluntly surprises you with fantastic saxophone work, but the beauty is that it doesn't overshadow the rest of the undeniably energetic track.

With honest, thoughtful lyrics and a familiar yet expansive sound, Lysandre is a great first outing for Owens' blossoming solo career. So, before it hits stores and digital retailers next Tuesday, why not judge for yourself by listening to the full album below.