[Watch] The Cribs - "Leather Jacket Love Song" (Official Video)

What were you doing back in 1997? I'd of been 8 years old and stuck in Primary School wondering why I was being made to learn long multiplication. I can honestly say to this day I've never needed it in every day life let alone the Pythagoras theorem I was taught in Secondary school. The Cribs were a little older though however, and they were in the stages of becoming a band.

They're now preparing to release a singles collection called Payola and to celebrate they've offered up the only new track to feature on the release. Titled "Leather Jacket Love Song" it comes wrapped up in a video that features the modern day Wakefield band watching the young versions of themselves performing at an actual gig. Vintage VHS footage ahoy. It's a bloody marvelous video and a very clever idea. Plus, it's always nice to hear some new stuff from these lads. Here's hoping to some UK festival dates over the summer for good measure.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Payola when it's released on February 25th. Alternatively pre-order the 22 track, career spanning mix over here.