[News] Sigur Rós Announces New Album Plans

Less than two hours ago, Sigur Rós took part in an AMA on Reddit, answering fans questions and comments. But, the main purpose of the AMA was to discuss their untitled eighth studio LP, which they are referring to as #SR7 (bring on the Twitter hashtags, people!). As well, the band has posted a new song preview on their website, which is apparently "Brennisteinn", a song the band debuted at a show in Iceland last November. The song is much more aggressive then the Sigur Rós sound we've become used to, but that honestly sounds pretty god damn exciting.

On a more sombre note, the band announced that Kjartan Sveinsson, a founding member of the group, has called it quits. The remaining trio of members, Jónsi Birgisson, Goggi Hólm, and Orri Dyrasson, spoke of his departure, saying, "He said he spent half his life in the band and it was time to do something different".

We'll post more on Sigur Rós' new album as the news arrives.

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