[Watch] D-WHY - "2,000 Miles" (Official Video)

We've seen and heard plenty from the young and talented D-WHY over the past 6 months or so. His Don't Flatter Yourself release was a broad spectrum of genres and didn't pigeon hole itself into one set category. I liked that about it. It was both brave and brilliant in equal measures. It also gave people a fair representation of what D-WHY wanted to do with his music... a lot!

Today you can enjoy another visual piece of goodness from D in the shape of a vid for his track "2,000 Miles". The video sees him hitting the open for a for days off hanging out with friends and generally having a great time from the looks of it. A nice added touch of folk at the end too set alongside the picturesque coastline image. Beautiful. Can it be summer again please? I want sunshine, friends, and road trips.