[Listen] Francis and The Lights - "If They Don't Come Tomorrow"

Seems like it's been a little quiet here in recent weeks, apologies for that, but how about some new music to make up for it? Francis And The Lights is a New York based producer and songwriter that has made some waves in the past but went quiet for a while. Well it appears he's been working hard at some new material that is sounding damn fine. He seems to have a knack for simplicity that reminds me of some James Blake stuff in a way. It's easy to see why he has Frank Ocean and The Weeknd as fans. Let's see if we can you to that list too? The track below is titled "If They Come Tomorrow" and the piano lick paired alongside a lighters in the air synth build and drum beat/click is just a treat for the ears. I for one am looking forward to hearing more. Less is more and all that.

The track is set to appear on an EP titled Like A Dream set for release on November 25th via Good Years.