[Download] Death Grips - 'Government Plates'

After royally pissing off just about everyone earlier in the year via cancelling a tonne of shows last minute, self releasing  NO LOVE DEEP WEB without the permission of their label which in turn, lost them their record deal. Generally the band were being bad-asses who absolutely did not give a flying fuck, Death Grips now return unannounced, with a brand new album that's as dirty as your laundry. The last time we heard from them was in August via their song "Birds" which features on the album that's nicely titled, Government Plates. You can stream it in full below or you can download it here and here. It's always nice to wake up and find someone decent has actually released some exciting music overnight and this definitely delivers. Check it out and play it loud at your work desk today. Be more like these guys and fuck the rules. 


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