[Watch] Run The Jewels (Killer Mike & El-P) - "Banana Clipper" Feat. Big Boi (Official Video)

The pairing of El-P and Killer Mike is always something to stop and stare at. Your parents may have told you that was rude when you were a kid but trust me, when something this good comes around, your jaw was meant to be left open as your eyes begin to water for staring so hard. R.A.P. Music was a prime example of this. Their collaborative name of Run The Jewels have just dropped a car filled clip for the Big Boi featuring track "Banana Clipper" which just makes me wanna be able to rock a yellow bandana and rap. I've tried it before and it was not a good look. I gave people a reason to stare for all the wrong reasons. While it may not be as cinematic as one of my all time favourite videos from them ("Big Beast") it's certainly an easy watch.

Watch the clip courtesy of Complex below and if you're in Europe, you may just be lucky enough to be visited by the magical duo in the coming weeks. Dates after the jump.

Run The Jewels European Tour

20th Nov – Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark 
23rd Nov - Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland
25th Nov - Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, Netherlands
26th Nov - Brixton Electric, London, UK
27th Nov - Pan Pipper, Paris, France