[Download] Dead Sons - "The Rain"

A band I've fully backed ever since discovering them this time last year are Dead Sons. I was delighted at the back end of last week to see that, although they said they were finished with 2013 with the release of their single "Gasoline", they've returned with a new track titled "The Rain". A little different to what we've come to expect from the lads but that's not a bad thing. The track is a softer, more gentle ride from start to finish that delivers a taste of what may be to come from them in 2014 when they release more new material. Not only can you listen to it below but you can download it for free too. Balls to that fat bearded fella who's meant to be heading down our chimney's next week, Dead Sons have you covered right now! 

If you've not already, I can't recommend their debut album The Hollers & The Hymns enough so go buy that too and look out for these gents melting some faces in the new year. I for one, can't wait. 

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