[Watch] DIIV - "Wait" (Official Video)

The weekend is on the horizon, and the weather is slowly but surely starting to get better (in the UK at least!). So with that, this new Super-8 shot video from DIIV seems like the perfect thing to wrap your head around to get you in the mood for partying in the sun. The Brooklyn band's video for "Wait" is a sun drenched look into their lives and is rather psychedelic in its aesthetic. It also features a lot of super skinny girls' bums and boobs if you're into that kind of thing too, so it may be best to wait until your boss is out of the office to hit play. Or just piss him off and do it anyway. Maybe he's one of those cool bosses who just lets you go nuts and do what you want and is actually stood behind you right now watching with you? Whatever, just enjoy it.

Oshin is out now.