[Album Stream] Youth Lagoon - 'Wondrous Bughouse'

Youth Lagoon's moody, cosmic soundscapes are at base level explorative, journeys into the mind that are as psychedelic and fascinating as the artwork pictured above. Wondrous Bughouse is Trevor Powers' sophomore album, another chance for him to uncover truths about himself and our world through musical expression. The LP is introspective, it asks questions that many of us have thought, on mortality, sprituality and the mind, but it does so in a wholly upbeat way. By weaving intricate layers of eccentric synthesizers and simple melodies, Powers offers an entrance into the mind, a beginning to a journey. Stream the album below and see what end it leads you to.

Wondrous Bughouse is out on March 5th through Fat Possum.

(via NPR First Listen)