[Listen] The Virgins - "Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams"

It's been a long time since The Virgins released their self-titled debut, four years, eight months, and four days to be exact, and now they're back with a new album and a lead single to accompany it. The sophomore release, titled Strike Gently, is due out on March 12th on Cult Records, and with it comes "Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams".

As a big fan of their first album, it makes me happy to say that "Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams" is fantastic from start to finish. It's groovy, energetic, and refined, bringing a unique attitude yet not hitting you over the head with it. After a near five-year absence, The Virgins quickly reclaim their status of being really fucking cool. Stream the song below, or head here to download it for free.