[Interview] Daniel Anderson, aka Glowbug, Discusses the Benefits of Solo Projects, Vancouver Memories, and His Tetris High Score

Daniel Anderson has been involved in numerous music projects over the last eight years, co-founding both Idiot Pilot and The Ghost and the Grace. His broad musical talents then led him to founding Glowbug, a solo project with heavy '80s influence and a distinct dance sound. Since 2010, Anderson has released four EPs and two full-length albums under the moniker, and he doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Last month, Anderson released a brand new single titled "Go Easy", an energetic dancey cut that urges your body into motion—it's accompanying music video should give you a good idea of this. Along with an awesome b-side cover of Huey Lewis and the News, the single showed that Anderson is ready to push forward with Glowbug. It gives the sense that he knows where the project is going, and it makes me incredibly excited to see how he will go about doing that. In the midst of my excitement, I set a good chunk of time aside to chat with Daniel to discuss various aspects of Glowbug. During our conversation, we touched on the benefits of a solo project, his yearly visits to Vancouver growing up, his high score in Tetris, and more. Stream the full interview below.

Connect with Glowbug on Facebook, Twitter, and for more of his music check out his Bandcamp page.