[Watch] D-E-W-L - "Nobody Make A Sound" (Official Video) & Wave Machines Remix

The duo D-E-W-L unleashed their track "Nobody Make A Sound" earlier in the year but I completely forgot to throw it up. It's dark, unsettling and the video accompaniment is just as twisted. It features a narrative of two deaf girls sneaking out and meeting a suspicious looking older man in a car. It's a little unnerving but it sits perfectly alongside the D-E-W-L track. Watch the video at the top.

As well as that though you can check out a remix from Liverpool's Wave Machines who turn the first part of the track into an equally eerie spacious number but as it progresses it turns into a little more of a dance worthy number, albeit a number you'd find yourself dancing to at 5am at WHP but still, it's a little more uptempo drum filledwith it's pad beats. The air of strange is still fully intact from the original though. Check that out below.

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