[Album Stream] Controller - 'Controller' EP

Controller is a stupid-good band out of Brooklyn, NYC. They just put out their very first EP and they're rocking a sweet show at The Studio at Webster Hall this weekend.

Full disclosure, you guys. Our friend Josh Shabtai is in this band. We've been friends for somewhere in the vicinity of 3 years now. For the last 8 months or so, he's been saying things like "Yo man! You should come to our show next week!" and "Yeah, we're working really hard recording some new stuff right now.". My only reaction was ever "Hah, cool man!". In all honesty, I didn't expect them to be any good. Not because Josh isn't a cool cat (he is), but because everyone has a band these days and I just didn't have any good gauge for his musical prowess. I dismissed him as just another bud with a band. Boy, was I wrong.

When the EP came out a few weeks ago, I almost peed myself. Controller possesses a truly unique sound. If you take The Gaslight Anthem, dip them in some pop-rock, and add a melodic vocal twang akin to U2, you kinda sorta get Controller's sound. This doesn't really do them justice, though. Their lyrics are easy to pick up and it's not hard to forget you're listening to the same 3 tracks on repeat. If you like honest rock 'n roll, you owe it to yourself to listen to the 3 track EP. It's free to stream and listen to, but if you like it, you should through a couple of bucks their way, as you should with any band you like. You can also find them on Facebook if you should be so inclined. Really looking forward to the show and hearing more from these fellas. Check 'em out and let us know what you think in the comments.