[Watch] Sigur Rós - "Brennisteinn" (Official Video)

I have a seriously hard time believing of all the things you can do in 7 minutes and 40 seconds today that this will not be by far the best use of your time. From their just recently announced forthcoming album, Kveikur, we have the video for their first single from the record, "Brennisteinn". I have to admit, over the past few years my love for Sigur Ros had begun to mellow out quite a bit. I happily bought their albums and put them on from time to time, but if this song is an accurate indication of what's to come for this new album, I believe I just fell madly in love with them all over again. As you can see and hear from the video above, "Brennisteinn" is a much darker, more aggressive approach than what the band has done in the past, and they did it with such balance and poise that you're a little taken back for a second and then immediately so drawn to it that you keep asking yourself throughout the rest of the song why this hadn't already existed before. 

The countdown to June 17th (18th in the US) when Kveikur officially drops has begun. I need more of this and I need more of this NOW.