[Download] Jai Paul's Self-Titled Debut Album

So it's Sunday. Nothing is going on. Jai Paul just decided to drop his self-titled debut album. Where the hell did that come from? As a huge fan of Jai Paul (his songs "BTSTU" and "Jasmine" are fantastic) I was pretty ecstatic when news hit that he released his album through Bandcamp (it was supposed to be released through XL Recordings). All sixteen songs on the album are truly awesome. Just do yourself and get it, right now. It's ₤7 ($10.74) but it is worth it. Grab it here.

Of note, we can't be sure this is his actual debut album, as XL Recordings hasn't released any statement and there was no promotion for it. On the other hand, it could just be Jai Paul going around the label. For now, it's all speculation but who really cares when we've got sixteen tracks worth of Jai Paul goodness.

UPDATE: Jai Paul took to Twitter to state that the album released on Bandcamp yesterday was not uploaded by him and is an illegal leak. The cause of the leak? Apparently Jai had his laptop stolen. Here's what he had to say:

The leaked album has since been removed from Bandcamp.

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